Meet the Expedition Armageddon Team



Tim is a 100% disabled service connected combat veteran that fought for our freedom during OIF and OEF operations.

“I love spending my days playing melodies on my guitar while watching sunsets around the globe. I will turn over every rock, every leaf, cross every valley and search this country for the safest survival locations during any type of cataclysmic situation. Rest is not an option until the world is informed.”

Tim brings practical, real life experience in a wide variety of survival skills. This coupled with his determination to complete any task at hand and sheer physical strength make him the ideal candidate to undertake this daunting expedition.


Myrenthia is a retired bartender, mother of two adult sons, passionate bibliophile and general all around nerd.

“My love of all things apocalyptic was inspired by three books. Well nine books technically. Swan Song by Robert McCammon and Stephen King’s The Stand and Dark Tower series. Those books lead me to seek out every apocalyptic book, movie and website I could find. I’ve accumulated quite the mental store of information and look forward to applying that knowledge to real life and seeing how I measure up!”

Myrenthia brings her never ending knowledge of journalism and writing. I am very excited to be beginning this two year journey across 49 states and part of Canada with my inspiration and the love of my life Myrenthia Shows.


My name is Sophie Ann. I enjoy catching waves and feeling sand beneath my paws. I’m a big fan of tennis balls and dinner time. But what I enjoy most in life is going for rides and I’m so excited my human Mommy and Daddy are going to let me ride all over America!


I’m Zydeco and my favorite thing to do is hug. I also really enjoy barking at things like squirrels and can’t wait to hit the road and bark at new stuff, like bears and moose!!


My name is Violet Ellabelle Louise-Marie Shows. I’m the luckiest puppy alive because I get to travel all over America with my human parents, Tim and Myrenthia, AND my doggy parents, Zydeco and Sophie. I don’t know how much help I will be, but I promise to provide loads of adorable photo ops.


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