Alright, we’re going cross country…. Now how do we get there?

Logistics. Logistics are everything when it comes to planning a trip of this magnitude.


We suppose you could use the “fly by the seat of your pants” approach, but one of us is a bit of a princess so that wasn’t going to work for us.


The hardest question to start off with was where to start. We spent a month plotting courses in different directions. We have friends and family all over the country we are eager to visit. Myrenthia MUST be in Maine for Halloween. Tim is dying to see Colorado. We want to drive Route 66 and the borderlands along the Canadian border. Alaska has to be visited in summer.


Fortunately, salvation arrived in the form of two tiny humans. Myrenthia’s best friend’s children, who were spending the summer in South Carolina. We thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to take them home for her?!”, and the date and destination were chosen.


Now with an itinerary in place, its crunch time. How do we get there? No, seriously. How? Van towing a camper? Van with trailer for supplies and a tent? RV with scooter or motorcycle? Class A or C RV? What kind of motor? And fuel? We need plenty of space for our furry family. And we wouldn’t be adverse to be comfortable ourselves!

So that’s this weekend’s goal. Find the perfect home away from home for our family’s big journey. Wish us luck (or loan us your tour bus)!


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