You say we can make money on the road?!

A few weeks back we stopped into our local KOA to do a little research and wound up chatting with a couple of workampers. What’s a workamper you ask? So did we.


It turns out you can sign up with KOA, and tons of other sites, for these workamping opportunities. Basically, you do some work around the campground in exchange for your camp site and a little pocket cash. Genius! KOA and some of the other sites require a subscription to the service, but the fees are nominal. The couple we spoke with at our local KOA were working the check in desk and coffee/pizza shop. They also cleaned the pool and did light maintenance work.


Workamping isn’t the only money making prospect on the road, either. We have also signed up with a shipping website. You just search your route and see what people need delivered. Its amazing what people will pay to send a painting, boat or pet across country. The contract goes to the lowest bidder so we’ve gone ahead and bid numerous jobs going all over America.


We have just begun our search for travel work prospects and already run across these two seemingly awesome opportunities. Ideally we will be able use these options and save our monthly income. You know, to buy another RV. Fingers crossed.


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