Fort Fremont, Security on the Sound

Fort Fremont, located on the Port Royal Sound in St. Helena, SC, is the ruins of a military installation on a lovely strip of beach.


Today, its a wonderful, historically educational spot to take the family for a picnic or swim. All that remains of the original fort is the hospital and the batteries.


When Fort Fremont was constructed, in 1899 during the Spanish-American war, it also included a mess hall, bakery, water tower, guardhouse, barracks, stable, commissary, post exchange, administrative building, and lavatory. These structures were built of wood and had all been demolished before the site was submitted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.


The structures which remain on the site today are very well preserved and could be made inhabitable and armed  with relative ease. The batteries formerly manned three 10 inch disappearing guns (cannons) and two rapid fire guns.


A quick stop in historic downtown Beaufort on your way out to Fort Fremont to pick up a few cannons and you could be armed and ready for battle just like the fort was before its closure in 1921.


Sadly the fort has been vandalized, mostly by graffiti and litter, so you would have to do some serious clean up and all of the doors and windows would need to be replaced.


Graffiti and Litter mar the beauty of the ruins

However, any site you choose as home base in a dystopian world is going to require tons of hard work. Fort Fremont is an ideal location due to its proximity to the Port Royal Sound, literally just steps away, nestled in a maritime forest full of wildlife. The roof being designed to collect rainwater is another wonderful and vital feature of Fort Fremont.


The most interesting (and slightly scary) bit of Fort Fremont history is that no shot was ever fired from the fort. Despite this, we still believe the fort would make a fantastic base after the apocalypse and we are fairly confident this particular graffiti wouldn’t come true.



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