Myrenthia’s Top 5 Favorite Apocalypse Books

We are taking the day off to celebrate our anniversary, but we thought you might enjoy a peek at some of Myrenthia’s favorite books, which inspired her love of preparation and survival.

5) The Dark Tower, Stephen King, 1982-2012


While not strictly apocalyptic, The Dark Tower series is predominately set in a future version of our world that has been devastated by a cataclysmic event.

4) On the Beach, 1957


Set in Australia, On the Beach focuses on select individuals and how they cope with impending death as radiation makes its way to their homeland following a nuclear war.

3) The Road, 2006


The Road follows a nameless father and son as they search for safe haven following an unspecified apocalyptic event.

2) Swan Song, 1987


Swan Song carries an inspirational story of hope in the midst of the devastation as Swan and her companions travel post apocalyptic America.

1) The Stand, Stephen King, 1978


The Stand follows a broad cast of characters as they travel, reestablish civilization and engage in the ultimate battle between good and evil in a world ravaged by plague.


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