Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

After months of endless shopping, four weeks we purchased our first recreational vehicle. The rolling home we will use to visit 49 states and two foreign countries at least. She’s a 1984 Minnie Winnie and it was love at first sight.


To say this has been an educational process would be severely understating the situation. We needed to be sure our traveling home is safe to begin with. New tires are the first no brainer.  Easy enough, right? Nope! It turns out that the tires we need quit being manufactured long ago. For five long, fruitless days we searched along with Good Sam and countless tire shops. Finally, we drove an hour away from home to Savannah, Georgia and searched junkyards until we found 6 modern 8 lug 16 inch dualie wheels. Eureka! Problem solved. We got new tires on them and squished ourselves and all six giant wheels into our tiny two door Mercedes. We had a mobile repair service come put them on in our yard and finally felt safe to journey onward.


The Great Tire Hunter of 2014 wasn’t the only time and resource consuming project going on this last month. We’ve had fluids to change and belongings to sort through. We’ve never felt a joy so pure as the moment we fixed that closet door. And who could forget our first dump site (and the missing hose we must have lost along the way)? We’ve begun the process of moving in and made huge strides in the exterior overhaul. She’s black now and with some fun additions she will be ready to take on Armageddon. Check back for more on our renovation projects later.


All this hard work has led us to a rainy Sunday afternoon, at Hunting Island State Park in Beaufort, South Carolina. We are out in the Minnie Winnie with all three dogs for an overnight test run. We have marshmallows, we have power and water, we have board games. We were pleased to not encounter any issues either in transit or during set up. Everything we have loaded up thus far stayed where it was supposed to. The new tires vastly improved the smoothness of the ride resulting in a much quieter ride. We still have some kinks to work out, like how to work the hot water heater, but all in all we are feeling pretty confident we can handle whatever North America can throw at us.



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