My Personal Armageddon

For the seven of you out there who have been following this blog, I’m sure you’ve noted our absence the last two months. Here comes the explanation; whether its for you or myself remains to be seen.


This is my son, Trey, or Leo as he has wished to be called in recent times. On October 2, 2014, at 1:09 am Trey was struck by a car and killed on impact. He was just 22. The beautiful photo above was taken by Tim just a few weeks before Trey’s death. He had joined us at our retreat in North Carolina after we returned from our cross country trip.

I’ll forever be grateful for that time with him. Somehow he had grown into a man when my head was turned. I’m so glad we had that peaceful, tranquil time. We hiked and discovered waterfalls and just sat around. That time was a gift.

This time is a curse. I’m heartbroken and angry at the injustice. Everything reminds me of him. A crushed Monster can. White tennis shoes. Yellow trucks. Passing a library reminds me of how he never quit pronouncing it Li- Berry. Watching our favorite TV shows reminds me that he will never know how it ends. He will never swim in the ocean, or hike the Appalachian Trail, or take his little brother to Vegas for his 21st birthday. All his dreams, and mine for him, died alongside him on a foggy road, alone in the dark.

This is my Armageddon. My world has been destroyed. I hope that writing about him, and the journey I’m now on will prove cathartic, but that too remains to be seen. For now I’m going to cuddle with Zydeco, who was our dog. I leave you with the last picture taken of Trey, and myself, on the day of his death.


*Author’s Note:  I originally wrote this on December 2, 2014, promptly had a panic attack and deleted. Now its February 22, 2015, and I feel much stronger and ready to share this with the world.


4 thoughts on “My Personal Armageddon

  1. Sara Blue says:

    Leigh, I love you and miss you. You are an excellent writer and i will continue to read your blog, as long as you continue to write. Never forget that I am here. I admire your strength.

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  2. mary hamilton says:

    I love you so much we truly see heart broken for you and with you I hope someday all our pain well go away n our hearts well not be broken but fill of joy n life one again . The hardest part of this journey for me is finding myself again n learning to be a mother to a child who no longer walks on this earth with us. Both of us had a son hit by a car dying at the age of 22 no justice taken way to soon to their heavenly home . It’s so hard to live again smile or even exist I’m glad you found away to express yourself and write . I can’t even begin to put into words all the emotions I feel daily I pray god gives you the talent to allow treys memory to live on . I love you n so very proud of you .

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